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R&D Elektronik, Kabel

Test concept

Test adapter replaces manual test

  • R&D optimises and improves functional testing: It also becomes cheaper

A customer-specified assembly test with programming was very time consuming, fragile and therefore expensive due to the 32 test plugs plus 2 programming plugs required.

In consultation with the customer, the mating time was reduced by over 10 minutes per unit by switching to a test adapter designed and manufactured in-house by R&D Elektronik. As the mating process via the adapter is uniform and in ideal alignment, as opposed to manual mating, the test depth was significantly improved and wear was significantly minimised. The required test adapter amortised after just one production run due to the time saved and the cost effective manufacturing in-house at R&D Elektronik. The assembly is now in volume production and several thousand units have been delivered.

Assembly of components

The variety of light

  • LED assembly at R&D

At R&D Elektronik, not only standard but also aluminium-core PCBs are equipped with a wide range of LEDs.The applications for conventional and/or high-end LEDs are as varied as the light itself. Here are just a few examples: High bay luminaires, street lamps, signalling, lamps for simulating sunlight or for use in SOLAR experiment kits for schoolchildren or students.

R&D Electronics takes care of the procurement and professional storage of MSL sensitive components, single or double sided assembly (SMD + THT), functional, stress and endurance testing with documentation and shipping to the customer.

We are also big on the little things

  • R&D 48-hour prototype service saves trade fair launch at Musikmesse Frankfurt

An IO cable from audio technology is used to connect to the PC and converts from USB to S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface). This was to be presented to the public in operation at a music exhibition. Delivery of the circuit boards by a third party was delayed and, to the developer’s dismay, they were not delivered in the planned machine-assembled multi-panel format, but as a single board without edges.

R&D Elektronik provided uncomplicated assistance to the manufacturer in its time of need. R&D fulfils the high production requirements in terms of packing density and mixed assembly up to size 0201 (0.6 x 0.3 mm) even during the 48-hour prototype service. The double-sided assembly with type 0201 and µBGA/QFN was assembled by hand by the experts at R&D Elektronik in a timely manner before the start of the trade fair and all assemblies were operable.

R&D Elektronik, Pullt

Box building

Because digital doesn’t always sound better

  • R&D delivers synthesizers for the sound of the 90s

Analogue synthesizers from the 90s with today’s know-how – not only for synthesizer enthusiasts!

Three analogue oscillators, noise generator, VCF and stereo VCA characterise today’s synthesizer. Connection to the computer is via USB, and the good old MIDI interface allows easy connection to other MIDI devices. In addition to the 128×64 pixel LC display, the synthesiser has stainless steel knobs,  making the clearly laid out control matrix easy to use.

R&D Elektronik takes care of all logistics, including sourcing, PCB assembly, mounting, programming, functional testing and final testing. The products are shipped directly to the end customer.

One stop shop

Mini handheld controller incl. servo handwheel/incremental encoder
  • R&D enables stress-free working with maximum safety

R&D Elektronik provided hardware development, procurement, production and all necessary safety testing for the end customer. A separate servo handwheel has been designed for the Mini-BHG. The design takes into account increased requirements for ergonomic operation and safety.

Samples, prototypes, a pre-series and several series totalling several thousand units have been produced to date. Production services cover board assembly, mounting and functional testing, including reporting. A special box has been designed for shipping the Mini-BHG, in which it is delivered directly to the end customer, including technical documentation.

  • R&D ensures an continuous cold chain

When transporting medicines or body parts whose function or effectiveness is highly dependent on the storage temperature, an uninterrupted cold chain is of the utmost importance. This is ensured by a ‘mobile refrigeration unit’, which has been developed by R&D Elektronik from the customer’s existing prototype to series production readiness.

Housed in a customised, shock- and vibration-resistant die-cast aluminium enclosure, microprocessor-controlled cooling electronics ensure continuous monitoring. The SET/ACTUAL temperature is monitored via Bluetooth communication with an external control unit. Occupancy detection, reminder and emergency functions, as well as data backup and logging on a microSD card, offer maximum safety and operation convenience.

R&D Elektronik was responsible for re-engineering, procurement, PCB assembly (SMD and THT), functional testing and programming, as well as wiring and assembly. Delivery is made to the customers distribution partner.


  • R&D manages long-term recording of DC current for fault locators

DC data loggers are available in various versions, but not as a stand-alone handheld with long-term recording. This was required by the customer for specific equipment in the on-site troubleshooting application.

R&D Elektronik has developed a handheld device that can be easily inserted into the line to be tested. Long-term recordings of up to several weeks are stored on an integrated SD card with time stamp, measured values and much more, providing easy access to the data for further processing. Alternatively, the handheld can transfer data to a WLAN. The device also has a display with GUI for parameterisation (sampling rate, thresholds, log management, etc.), life curve display and value outputs as well as history data. All operation is via single-button encoder control. Operating range: 1A-40A (max. 60A), max. 250V DC (AC tolerant), 1-20 samples/sec, galvanically isolated.

  • oR&D connects cars

OBD, short for on-board diagnostics, is a car diagnostic system. This interface, which has been available in almost every car since 2004, can be used to monitor the vehicle or read out data. The customer wanted to sell an independent diagnostic device and use it as part of a service, with special features not available from the competition.

R&D Elektronik has developed the complete diagnostic device in a number of different hardware versions, including modular software functions.

  • R&D implements wireless data retrieval

The customer was looking to add a wireless DIN rail module to their portfolio, linking various measurement and digital inputs to variable outputs for control.

R&D Elektronik was responsible for the complete development of the hardware and software. Various input signals are supported (analogue and digital inputs and outputs, various temperature sensors, humidity sensors, power signals, etc.), which can also be accessed via a WLAN or Bluetooth connection. The device can also be connected to a WiFi access point, e.g. via a mobile phone browser, to display status/values/events etc.