R&D Elektronik

Reconditioning by a professional


Own or third-party components

Repair of assemblies

Retinning/ Regold plating

Alignment of contacts

Rework and repair of PCBs/ printed circuit boards is a job for specialists. R&D Elektronik offers the full range of services in this area. Demanding rework tasks, even on third-party assemblies, are routinely processed.

Highly integrated and complex components and BGAs can be optimally soldered and unsoldered with maximum protection of the PCBs and other components. It makes no difference to R&D Elektronik whether the assembly is already in operation or has to be reworked, for example due to insufficient material availability.

If it is certain that a component is not faulty, we will use it on request. After desoldering, the connections may no longer have a uniform cut, so rework is required. Re-balling involves cleaning the components using a special soldering process and re-terminating them to ensure reliable re-soldering.

R&D Elektronik repairs instead of scrapping.