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We do not take any risks!


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! This medical principle also applies to the electronic component market. Short-term changes in availability and discontinuation of components are no longer a rarity. Discontinued components in a new product design or undetected discontinuations during the product lifecycle threaten orders an

This is where prevention through life cycle analysis or appropriate storage can help. The specialists at R&D Elektronik have extensive experience in this area. Just give us a call!

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Parts Management

Managing electronic components is complex. Varying storage capabilities, different storage lives, functional compatibility, cyclical availability, last-time-buy and non-last-time-buy discontinuations, sudden end-of-life or end-of-support status – these are just a few of the hurdles.

Active parts management as part of classic obsolescence management is the only solution. On request, R&D Elektronik will ensure product availability, minimise quality problems, reduce additional costs in the area of component procurement from the broker market and avoid costs due to unplanned redesigns. Timely demand analysis and long-term forecasting in close partnership with you and our suppliers guarantee a reliable supply.

If required, we can carry out a component lifecycle analysis based on the bill of materials at the quotation stage.

This is active risk reduction with R&D Elektronik.

R&D Elektronik, Leistungen - Ersatz

Safety / Spare Parts Warehouse

Holding stock is an unwelcome topic, but in some circumstances there is no alternative. However, not every component can be stored permanently.

R&D warehousing is the perfect solution for product-specific long-term stockholding. In coordination with the customer, we stock material. We can explicitly guarantee the availability of parts and components at the agreed time with framework agreements, call orders or specific procurement orders.

R&D Elektronik demonstrate the possibilities of a emergency stock or spare parts warehouse. We are ready to coordinate your secure delivery for you.

Reverse Engineering

Proven state-of-the-art design? You don’t take any risks with R&D Elektronik.

We reproduce an existing, obsolete or discontinued electronic system using the latest components.

Naturally, our specialists consider the behaviour of the components so that no further changes to the environment are required. Of course, the software supplied can also be adapted if required.

With the functionally compatible ReDesign, you will receive the design files, the parts lists and the Gerber data.

Do you have test equipment in use? R&D can adapt the hardware and test programmes if necessary.

With R&D Elektronik you choose an all-round carefree package.