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PCB assembly

We produce, you benefit.

Whether you need prototypes, series in different batches/sizes or services at short notice – R&D Elektronik is your professional E²MS service provider with a complete portfolio of assembly options.

State-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced engineers and skilled workers ensure a high standard of manufacturing for your products. Naturally, assemblies are manufactured exclusively in an air-conditioned and ESD-compliant environment. Our extensive software and hardware test facilities ensure the highest quality. We also have the capability for automated test setups in accordance with your individual requirements.

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SMD/ SMT assembly

If you don’t know how to do the work, you can’t offer anything special: R&D Elektronik offers it’s customers the best possible quality in SMD assembly.

Thanks to modern production technology and a multi-stage manufacturing and testing process, R&D Elektronik is able to produce not only demanding small and medium series, but also large series with maximum functional reliability. On request, prototypes can also be assembled in series production to eliminate any quality difference between prototype and series versions.

Enclosures that, by their nature, cannot be fully assembled by machine are assembled by hand. Specially adapted soldering processes protect sensitive components and PCBs. All assembled PCBs are visually inspected after soldering to confirm and complete the SMD assembly process.

R&D guarantees the best possible delivery times and, thanks to its flexible processes, can also help at short notice.

Our capacity is not a challenge, we have the flexibility to adapt.

R&D Elektronik – Your partner with competitive prices and the highest level of quality.

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THR assembly

Are you looking for particularly mechanically stable through-hole solder connections combined with the efficient automated production processes of surface mounting? R&D Elektronik has been using this technology for over 10 years.

THR assembly takes place in the SMD process. Unlike manual THT placement, in the THR process the wired components are automatically placed by the SMT machines.

On request, our specialists can help you with your specific requirements: both the components and the design of the printed circuit boards are subject to specific criteria.

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THT assembly

R&D Elektronik has been your reliable partner for manual THT assembly for 45 years.

High concentration, conscientious execution, special care, a great deal of routine – specially trained personnel carry out the work with a wealth of experience. They are optimally supported by detailed work instructions and production documentation, and by a process that allows any deviations detected to be corrected immediately and permanently. The soldering process is mechanical, with manual soldering used where this is not technically possible.

R&D processes all common designs for you, from small to large series.

Press-fit Technology

As an alternative to THT or SMT assembly, R&D Elektronik offers press-fit technology with many years of experience and expertise.

Press-fit technology can be used to achieve a highly reliable connection with a high current-carrying capacity and to create a gas-tight, electrically and mechanically stable connection – without any thermal processes. The advantages: No thermal stress, no solder bridges, no flux residues and repairability.

R&D is ideally equipped for this assembly process, as well as for additional operations. This enables us to ensure that the manufacturing process is carried out with the utmost precision in series production.

On request, our specialists will assist with the specific requirements of the PCB design: end faces, minimum clearances, tolerances, end diameter dependencies, etc.