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Exceptional solutions for our customers

Extended after-sales service

After-sales services are offered by many companies. R&D Elektronik extends the standard to include valuable services that are required after the initial order has been completed.

The processes involved in special tasks are always the same. For this reason it is advisable to bundle them with a specialist in order to achieve a cost- and time-optimised solution.

If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our sales team is ready to assist.


Updating Software and Firmware

Products with software on board are subject to a special feature: an update may be necessary.

Appropriate measures must be taken, such as special devices, test stations or verification systems.

R&D Elektronik can assist. We take care of the installation of firmware and software according to your requirements. Leave this process to a specialist and rely on the appropriate certificates for each device. We do this not only for components/ products manufactured by us. You can entrust us with third party products as well.

We determine the optimum approach and then draw up an upgrade plan. If necessary, special equipment will be prepared.

For customer returns, we can also provide a status report for each product or perform cleaning if required. You can also outsource the entire logistics process to us.

R&D Electronics lets you focus on your business.

Refurbishing and Long-term Storage

After their first use, B2B products are often considered to be irreversibly outdated. But they are not!

In most cases, they just need to be checked, cleaned and, if necessary, some elements replaced.

R&D Elektronik can do this for you. Our team carries out quality assured overhaul and repair of product series. Once the equipment has been inspected, we will agree the next steps with you. During this process, we determine, among other things, the report version, parts storage, processing with/without production documents or other logistical steps.

We carry out overhauls for small to medium sized products.

Availability, security of supply. These are fundamental aspects of the success of your business that are subject to external and possibly unpredictable risk factors.

R&D Elektronik frees you from procurement disruptions through time-optimised purchasing with long-term stocking.

Product/ component specific stocking over an extended period of time can be perfectly achieved with our type of storage. We stockpile materials for your components at your request. Within the limits of ageing processes we can explicitly guarantee the availability of parts and components at the agreed time, through framework agreements, call-off orders or component procurement orders.

High stock levels are no guarantee of high delivery performance, but for critical components they are the only way to ensure basic delivery capability.

Return concepts and environmentally friendly disposal

The European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2012/19/EU introduced national laws and regulations in each Member State of the European Union to prevent the generation of waste from electrical and electronic equipment and to reduce such waste through reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery. Country-specific characteristics complicate the implementation.

The German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (Elektrogesetz) regulates such measures for the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. With the current amendment, manufacturers and importers as initial distributors or dealers with unregistered electrical and electronic equipment are expected to develop concepts for the take-back and recycling of the corresponding waste equipment, also for B2B products.

This can also be done through authorised representatives, which will be mandatory for third country business operators without a presence in the EU from January 2023.

As a central point of contact for several manufacturers, R&D Elektronik brings together the necessary knowledge and processes. Our experts can help you with these challenges and also take care of legally compliant disposal.