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Our experience is your advantage!


Our engineering services enable our customers to focus on their core business. They also benefit from our extensive development expertise in solving a wide range of different challenges.

R&D Elektronik can also rely on the knowledge within the group, which means 50 years of experience in designing assemblies and programming different systems. Our network of specialised partner companies supports us when needed.

Measure us by how fast, reliable and cost effective we develop your component, device or system!

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Development Skills at a Glance

  • Software development (firmware and applications)
  • Hardware development, from subtasks to complete systems on demand
  • Development of electronic circuits and components
  • Design of PCB (circuit diagrams, assembly plans, layout)
  • Design including approvability of mounting and connecting elements
  • Development of complete devices and systems including component and material selection
  • Redesign and re-engineering
  • Optimisation of existing equipment and systems
  • Design with CE, UL, CCC, EAC verification
  • Development of test and inspection equipment, not only for R&D components but also for third party components
  • Development of production equipment and auxiliaries
  • Production optimisation of assemblies and devices
  • CAD data for further development, production of assemblies or even end-to-end production

Of course, we work in accordance with standard project management systems with requirement specifications, functional specifications, feasibility studies, samples, rapid prototypes and proofs of concept.

R&D Elektronik, Platine

Design und Layout

Do you need support with new developments or the revision or optimisation of existing projects? R&D Elektronik will take you from the idea to the finished product!

Our design approach is focused on the production and test environment. Early adaptation of the layout to the manufacturing process results in high process reliability and product quality. Benefit from synergy effects and cost savings by optimising production steps and selecting components and materials. In consultation with our customers, PCB manufacturers and our production specialists, we create specific PCB benefits during the design phase, with particular emphasis on quality and manufacturing feasibility under economic conditions.

In consultation with our customers, PCB manufacturers and our production specialists, we create special PCB benefits during the design phase, taking particular account of quality and manufacturability on economic terms.

Hardware and Software Development

At R&D Elektronik you will find a comprehensive portfolio of development services that is not limited to the development of electronics and software, but also includes mechanics. If required, we can also bring in external partners for industrial design.

We work in partnership with our customers from the earliest stages of development. This enables us to provide high-quality, cost-optimised products that meet the needs of the market.

We provide support in areas such as conception, component selection, circuit development and test design. Mechanical and enclosure design is also part of our service.

Key elements of R&D hardware development: Design to Cost, Design for Manufacturing and Design for Testability.

At R&D Elektronik, we start at the routing stage to create the basis for assemblies that can be efficiently manufactured and tested. We develop circuit concepts and schematics, select suitable components and create PCB layouts. We consider all relevant specifications, including EMC and safety. The production process is carried out in constant consultation with our engineers and technicians in the development department. Samples and prototypes of your module, device or system are then built for functional testing or adaptation for further development.

R&D Elektronik does not stop at designing the hardware. With us, you can rely on customised standard software as well as tailor-made firmware or specialised application software. From microcontroller systems to complex application software, we know how to meet demanding requirements with limited resources. We also develop for you on/with atypical components and systems as well as independent of environmental requirements (e.g. µController, PSoC, communication, embedded).

Optimised: comprehensive engineering of your equipment and systems, including component and material selection. Finally, other components such as structural and connecting elements can only be used to their full cost and functional potential in combination. This means that all boundary conditions can be considered and controlled from a single source right from the beginning. All relevant departments are involved in the development process and contribute their expertise.

It is not to be neglected: Design follows function. In addition to CE, other common marks such as UL, CCC, EAC can be obtained, forcing our team to meet specific design and documentation requirements.  Certifications are no challenge. This can also be done in close coordination with ongoing projects.

If components of your assembly or product or further documentation are no longer available, R&D Elektronik can help by reengineering or redesigning respectively developing and reproducing them. This is often accompanied by software adaptation. We pay particular attention to the operating conditions in order to produce a cost-optimised solution for you.

R&D Elektronik, Platine Entwicklung

Assistance with Assemblies, Devices and Systems

Manufacturing is our core competency. We are experts in component selection.

This applies to R&D Elektronik not only for assemblies, but also for complete devices and systems.

Our design engineers can optimise or modernise your components and products to meet your requirements, drawing on our extensive expertise.

Working closely with your contact personnel, we redesign components not only for updates, but also for modern functionality. Not always common in the market, but standard for us: after completion, you will receive all development documents.

Concept for Testing

Testing is an important part of any manufacturing process.

We always tailor the test procedure to your product or requirements. During the product development phase, a concept can be developed with you or to your specifications. This will ensure that the required quality targets are met. This will result in a finished test equipment.

We provide this service not only for components manufactured by us, we also provide it for components manufactured by third parties.

At R&D Elektronik, you can rely on a variety of test methods throughout the production process, which can be combined according to your requirements. Take advantage of our expertise to combine the benefits of different test methods to achieve the highest possible process reliability.

An optimal testing strategy includes considering the following points:

Laws, regulations, standards, etc.

Product design (design for test)

Quantity and batch size

Required quality

Previous experience and test results

and much more.

Obsolescence Management and Project Management

We keep your products fit.

The availability of electronic components is an increasing challenge, both in terms of sourcing and the resulting need for constant market monitoring and consideration of development resources.

Strategic obsolescence management at R&D Elektronik helps to ensure a seamless supply of components throughout the product lifecycle.

If required, our system considers critical components at the design stage and replaces them in consultation with you. During the series production phase, we can assist to component discontinuation or relevant changes.

This does not only apply to current products, we also guarantee the availability of components after EOL, in case of emergency, by providing a reliable residual cover at a manageable cost.

Structured and consistent project management is the key to the successful implementation of your project, from commissioning to the serial production of the product. You decide at which point in the product development process R&D Elektronik should be involved and which of our services you would like to use.

If you are only using our services for the manufacture of your products, we will be more than pleased also to support you with our project management services.

We will provide all the relevant information to ensure that the project is being executed in an efficient and effective manner. This will cover the following:

  • Project plan (including schedule)
  • Development effort and costs
  • Indicator for the series price

We will gladly consult your specialists on a regular basis regarding the progress and decisions of the development, and you will decide on the release and thus the completion of the work.

We work with requirement specifications, functional specifications, feasibility studies, samples, rapid prototypes and proofs of concepts using standard project management systems.