R&D Elektronik

Designed and built by experts

Assembly/ Box Building

Devices of all types

From samples to large series quantities

Complete manufacturing process including testing

Advice on adjustments and production optimization

Redesign on request

Shipping also to end customers

From the assembly of semi-finished products to complex equipment and systems to control boxes, the specialists at R&D Elektronik manufacture any device for you. Whether mechanics, electrics, electronics or pneumatics, our factory produces small to medium quantities from in all sub-sectors.

Our customers benefit in terms of cost and time from our skilled specialists, variable processes and global sourcing. A team of engineers, technicians and assemblers work together to meet your individual requirements and needs as the key to your optimum product.

As with assembly, we use prototypes and pre-production samples, which we always discuss with you. It is not essential to have full production documentation. We are happy to be part of your development team to check feasibility. Of course, we always guarantee your product standards and quality controls.

Whether you are facing capacity constraints or production challenges, R&D Elektronik is the contract manufacturing partner you need.

Our services at a glance:

Assembly and production of components and devices

Inspection and consideration of electromagnetic shielding measures

Inspection and consideration of electrical safety

Procurement of materials and components

Labelling and marking

Installation of system software

Commissioning and system configuration

Visual, calibration and functional testing

Advice on assembly design and optimization

Preparation of test and production documentation

Storage according to agreement

Packing and shipping, including B2B2C