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Expensive and problematic? With us it is different!

Transfer logistics and materials management of your electronic assemblies, devices and systems to R&D.

For an E²MS specialist like R&D Elektronik, successfully supplying customers with top-quality materials at the agreed time is the focus of its entire materials logistics. Cost-conscious procurement is a given.

With R&D, this is achieved by a highly motivated and competent materials management team that is actively available as a contact partner in order to get the best out of your ideas. We will be pleased to advise during the development phase of your products to optimise component availability and lead times, important parameters for series supply, from the outset.

R&D Elektronik covers the entire supply chain for you. We have set up a global sourcing system, manage the optimum storage of components, store your finished products on request and ensure that international deliveries are made on time.

Complete supply chain concepts including consignment warehouses, just-in-time delivery, inventory management via EDI can be set up for you.

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Material Procurement and Materialbeistellung

The professional purchasing department at R&D Elektronik sources all electronic parts, printed circuit boards and mechanical components at the most cost-effective price.

Our materials planning process is the focus of our attention: Internationally based professionals work in partnership with selected and qualified suppliers to meet your requirements. Even components that are difficult to source or have already been discontinued are available to us, as we have a network of specialised partners.

Global sourcing is not a foreign concept to R&D Elektronik. We pay attention to a high level of supplier selection and evaluation. Our purchasing pool only includes verified suppliers. Cyclical supplier meetings ensure excellent cooperation and, ultimately, key performance indicators. Long-term relationships with our suppliers are important to us.

At R&D, manufacturing quality begins with the selection of components, manufacturers and distributors. Component quality, availability, smooth processing and favourable conditions are crucial to us.

Would you like to procure the material for your electronic components on your own? No problem for R&D Elektronik! We are even ideally positioned for pure contract assembly. Whether partially or completely, we are happy to consider any material you provide.

To ensure that the quality of the material and the recorded quantity of material are not compromised, we also carry out an incoming goods inspection on your material. Unlike the standard process, our process differs by informing you immediately if any discrepancies are found.

But our commitment to your components goes even further: we handle any material that cannot be used without pre-treatment as if it belongs to us, and we feed it into the production process accordingly to prevent it from being damaged during processing. This is always done in close consultation with you.

Another benefit for you: our traceability system. In our system, supplied materials are considered to be the same as materials we procure ourselves. Accordingly, the same schemes apply where traceability is required.

Of course, we also carry out an inventory of your material if required.

R&D Elektronik, Lagerraum

Allocation Management

Any manufacturer can be faced with a limited supply of components due to limited resources or discontinuation.

R&D Elektronik helps to identify bottlenecks in the market and take timely countermeasures. Our purchasing department constantly monitors the availability situation. If a component required for your assembly is discontinued by the manufacturer, we will notify you in advance so that we can arrange storage or define alternative components in consultation with you.

As an E²MS service provider, R&D Elektronik also offers the appropriate engineering to ensure optimum support.

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Full component traceability is not an option for R&D Elektronik, it is a must. From manufactured individual parts to modules, equipment and complete systems, we offer the ability to trace the origin of installed components.

We ensure the identification of manufactured assemblies and equipment, as well as the materials used, through a serial numbering system. This allows us to identify delivery lots whose history we know exactly through our ERP. We work with suppliers who do the same.

This helps with deviations from the standard. For example, we can identify exactly which products are affected by faulty lots of material. Our standard is your advantage: in the event of a recall, the serial numbers of the affected products can be passed on to the customer in order to keep costs to a minimum.

Material Storage, Stockpiling, Pre-financing

The quality of the materials used is a top priority at R&D Elektronik.

For this reason, warehousing is organised in accordance with current IPC and DIN standards, from the arrival of the goods to their final use. Labelling on receipt of stock, FIFO storage, stable environmental conditions including cold stores, storage in ESD-compliant packaging and environments, vacuuming of opened packages – including shrink-wrapping in moisture-proof bags, restricted/quarantine areas – these are just some of the precautions we take as standard. In addition to storage, we also offer drying and tempering of parts and components such as PCBs and LEDs, as component safety is a priority.

This type of storage is ideal for long-term product-specific stockholding. In consultation with your team, we will stock material for your components and can explicitly guarantee the availability of parts and components at the agreed time through framework agreements or component purchase orders.

Incoming goods inspection for customers

Incoming goods inspection is an established process in every company to ensure warranty rights under the German Commercial Code (HGB) through the obligation to report defects. Various certifications also require a mandatory incoming goods inspection of purchased components.

This process is made more difficult if there are customer deliveries or shortages in your receiving area.

This is where R&D Elektronik can help: If the material is sent directly to us by the supplier, we will carry out the incoming goods inspection in accordance with a test plan and provide with the relevant test certificates. On request, we can also be in charge of the defect reporting process in the event that something is not within the specified parameters.

Shipping Logistics

Sending goods is always a challenge: packaging, labelling, proofs, deadlines, international deliveries, customs clearance. But no problem for an E²MS service provider like R&D Elektronik!

We protect your products from damage caused by vibration and electromagnetic interference by packaging them to IPC standards. Special labelling allows you to identify your products at a later time.

We deliver locally using our own transport service and external courier operators. Standard parcel services usually provide a protected delivery. If you require an express service, we will also arrange it for you. We also ship worldwide. Any difficulties that may arise are dealt with by our experienced logistics experts, who are fully aware of current regulations. Customs clearance for both import and export is part of our service.

The advantage for you: we can also take care of other fulfilment services, such as shipping logistics directly to your end customers using your brand, if required. We can also include packaging inserts such as safety instructions, user manuals, power cords, etc. according to your specifications. Just ask us!

You can concentrate on your products and your customers. We take care of the logistics.