R&D Elektronik

Our speciality!

Prototypes, Samples

Within 48 hours

From order quantity 1

Usual high quality

Special production line or series production

With or without material provision

Feedback on component handling

For many, the prototype is a simplified test model that receives little attention.

R&D Elektronik is different!

We are aware of the importance of the first samples and have therefore set up a process that deviates from the standard: this ensures a quick turnaround time as well as a production that is tailored to your needs. Whether to evaluate the basic functionality and optimisation opportunities or to check quality and production readiness, we respond flexibly.

This is important for your development. You can focus on your development processes and have the first functional samples available, even if, for example, development ideas are still being introduced or the latest version is not yet available due to component cycles.

Depending on your requirements, we can recommend manufacturing in a dedicated prototype environment, including vapour phase soldering technology, or using standard processes on our series production assembly machines. Let our experts advise you!

We assemble samples from batch size 1, naturally to the usual high quality. As with series production, the prototypes are visually inspected and electronically tested in accordance with your requirements. With or without the provision of materials, an E²MS service provider such as R&D Elektronik makes no distinction here either.

Our flexible prototyping process enables us to produce sample assemblies within 48 hours. The time critical factor is the sourcing of materials which, if initiated early and coordinated with you, is not a major challenge for us.

But our consultancy approach goes even further: we also support you during the development phase of your project with regular feedback, component and production-optimised design recommendations, and potential savings.

Prototypes, with R&D Elektronik your project will be a success.