R&D Elektronik

Quality starts with the design

Design & Construction

As a full-service E²MS provider, R&D Elektronik not only supports you with electronic components, but also designs mechanical components such as housings and cable harnesses according to your requirements. Robust, a perfect fit, optimised interaction with other components – we offer the optimum solution for your task.

Our design engineers will look for the optimum standard component or design a tailored one – you decide. With R&D, you get everything from a single source: the design and subsequent procurement of the equipment. Our service: a complete package – without mistakes.

R&D Elektronik’s overall approach is your advantage:

  • We know the electronic components used and their requirements for other components,
  • Consideration of the assembly of components through the experience of our assembly/box building team,
  • Taking into account the requirements of test concepts, one of our strengths.

Processing of finished enclosures

New enclosure design

Various surface finishes

Cable harnesses

Current standards

Preparation of test and production documentation

R&D Elektronik Leistungen - Konstruktion

Housing and component carrier

R&D Elektronik has many years of experience in the development of optimally designed enclosures and component carriers, not only for your electronic assemblies. A partner network of specialists can meet almost any requirement.

Naturally, our experts consider all the important factors: Heat dissipation, airflow, EMC tightness and IP protection requirements.

Our options cover every need:

  • Pre-engineered enclosures with customised finishes
  • New enclosure designs in sheet metal, aluminium or plastic

We can currently offer the following surface treatments:

  • Passivation,
  • Chromating,
  • Painting.
R&D Elektronik, Leistungen - Konstruktion

Production of wiring harnesses

We consult, develop and manufacture.

Individual parts, cable harnesses, system cabling and cables for modules and electromechanics – the designers at R&D Elektronik know no limits.

Whether it is a single test cable with special requirements or device cables for small series, our expertise is available to you even before the production documentation has been completed. Our range of services includes not only standard operations such as cutting to length, crimping, pressing, soldering, splicing, twisting, tinning or shielding and insulating and labelling, but also testing, repairs and the preparation of test and production documentation. Through our partners, we can also overmould cables with connectors/contacts to protect them from moisture and other environmental influences. Traceability can be provided on request through batch management and serial number assignment.

R&D Elektronik guarantees the high quality processing of all customised cables in accordance with ISO/IEC, EN VDE and UL. The use of high quality components with approvals such as UL/CSA or VDE as well as strict RoHS compliance is for us standard.